The Shorter Bibliography for ‘Travel and Mountains’



I recently wrote an essay on mountain writing as travel writing. Here is the bibliography for it. This is mainly to help me name in a single place the reading that directly informed my writing. The fuller bibliography, which includes works read and savoured and thought about and cherished but not cited in the essay, is, of course, much longer. And for another post.


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Man’s Best Friend, 5.7, 2 pitches of different colours


Simplicity itself you might say

Feel reach balance handhold

foothold stepup joy

But in the warmth of a winter sun

the antiquity of a desert upthrust

and the patient sculpture of wind

An old music in the quiet

of a belay stance

Life and death of lizards joshua trees

turtles creosotes yuccas snakes

under a vaulting sky

of cracks beneath my hands

White sand then red

piled upon piled still warm

wonders everywhere